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Lunch with the Principal
This term William was chosen to go to lunch with Mr Jenkin. This is what he said.........
"The principals lunch was so exciting because I ate pizza and chips and I loved it!"


We hope you enjoyed our assembly on Friday. Have a look at the pictures and videos below. A special thank you to all parents who helped us, we appreciate all your hard work and enthusiasm!



This week we had a visit by firemen from the local fire station who came to talk to us about being fire wise. William was very excited to show the firemen his wonderful outfit.
Here is a video and some photos to show you what happened!

2.3.PNG 2.4.PNG


Welcome back to Term 3.
This term we are learning:
Landscape Learning:
Get Firewise

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At the end of the term Samantha was the lucky one chosen to go to lunch with Mr Jenkin. Here she is enjoying her pizza!
This term our Landscape Learning topics are:

We are well under way with the senses unit which is a discovery unit. The students get to explore, discover and learn concepts by themselves with some direction from the teacher.
Unfortunately due to the weather our trip to Wakaaranga Creek has been postponed until further notice.




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Rebecca was very excited to attend the Principal's lunch on Tuesday in Mr Jenkin's office. She said she loved the Pineapple Pizza and the Lemonade!


There are 7 Days in a Week!

Over the next week we will be learning about the days of the week as we look at Eric Carle's story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

external image hungry%20caterpillar.jpg

Here are some catchy videos about the days of the week we have been watching - join in the singing if you like, we know you want to!

We are learning about the life cycle of the butterfly. In the next two clips you will see how the monarch caterpillar forms a chrysalis and then the butterfly emerges from the chrysalis.

We will be spending time practising how to write our numerals the right way round. Here is a lovely youtube clip that we used to help us. Perhaps you could practise writing your numerals at home as well.

Please book a time for parent discussions - Bookings can be made at The code is peahn. The dates are Monday 25 March and Wednesday 27 March.

We had a great trip to the Botanic Gardens and we found many mini-beasts to look at! A special thank to all the wonderful parent helpers. We hope you enjoyed the trip.
Please view a video below.

Last Friday we were very lucky to see a bubble machine at our school make big beautiful bubbles. It was amazing.


Have a look at the page called "I'm puzzled" Children can try to assemble a puzzle of themselves.

We are learning about shapes in maths. Children can play interactive games on maths page. Shape games are on the 4th row of the symbaloo grid.

The children have had a great start at school this week,they are very settled which is lovely to see.
Here are a few hints-
1. Please pack morning tea separately in the school bag so it is very easy to get out and they don't need to get their lunch out all over the floor in search of morning tea.
2. We go to the library on Wednesdays so please return books before then. Please keep the book at home until after the weekend.
3. Poetry and Published Work folders will come home on Friday and can be returned by Wednesday.
Thank you.

Before school reading:Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday mornings- Please try to arrive at school close to 8:30 so your child has plenty of time to unpack and then go off to read in the library.

Art Shirt: Please ensure your child brings an old, named T-shirt to school that covers their uniform for when we do art activities.